Timebox was an English rock combo of the late 1960s that included vocalist Mike Patto and guitarist Ollie Halsall in their first of three joint band ventures. With aspiring chops and exploratory song-craft, the band issued a string of singles but never managed to get an album released during their three-year existence. Nonetheless, they recorded over two album’s worth of material that has since been compiled to much acclaim.

The final lineup of Timebox evolved into Patto and recorded four albums during the early 1970s.

Members: Ollie Halsall (vibraphone, guitar), “Professor” Chris Holmes (keyboards), Clive Griffiths (bass), Geoff Dean [aka Jeff Dean] (drums, 1966-67), Kevan Fogarty (guitar, vocals, 1966-67), Richard Henry (vocals, 1966-67), Andy Petre [aka Andy Peters] (drums, 1967), Mike Patto (vocals, 1967-70), John Halsey (drums, 1967-70)


A: I’ll Always Love You
B: Save Your Love

A: Soul Sauce
B: I Wish I Could Jerk Like My Uncle Cyril

A: Don’t Make Promises
B: Walking Through The Streets Of My Mind

A: Beggin’
B: A Woman That’s Waiting
A: Come On Up
B: A Woman That’s Waiting

A: Girl Don’t Make Me Wait
B: Gone Is The Sad Man

A: Baked Jam Roll In Your Eye
B: Poor Little Heartbreaker

A: Yellow Van
B: You’ve Got The Chance



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