Thule were a Norwegian symphonic/goth band that self-released six albums between 1985 and 2004.

Members: Jens Morten Søreide (vocals, 1983-85), Einar Jan Larsen (guitar, 1983-85), Even Gaare (drums, 1983-85), Steve Riise Jensen (guitar, vocals, 1985-present), Peer-Einar Pedersen (bass, vocals, 1985-present), Pål Valle (keyboards, vocals, 1985-93), Jens Haugan [Frommholz] (drums, 1986-87), Hugo Barbala (drums, percussion, 1988-present)


  • I lovens navn (1985)
  • Ultima Thule (1987)
  • Natt (1990)
  • Frostbrent (1993)

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