‘Thesda was an American jazz-funk/soul band that released the album Spaced Out in 1979 on mastermind Thomas Crawford’s small-press Integrated Performance Systems International Incorporated.

Members: Thomas Crawford (Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Piano, Synthesizer [String Ensemble], Performer [Fife])

Spaced Out was released in 1979 on two-press Integrated Performance Systems (cat# IPSI 5044). Side one features five songs, including “From the Past” and “Spaced Out.” The second side begins with the frenzied 90-second “Toe Tapper”, followed by the slow-soaring “Holding Back,” and a three-part, nine-minute trilogy that concludes with “Hear You Clearly.” All the songs were written by Crawford with lyrics by Hagburg, who co-produced the album. The spherical red/yellow cover art was also used on undated albums by Temptation Rise and Stanley Snider.


  • Spaced Out (1979)


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