The Work

The Work were an English avant/art-punk band that issued the single “I Hate America” on self-press Woof Records in 1981, followed by the album Slow Crimes in 1982. A later round of activity yielded the discs Rubber Cage (1989) and See (1992), both again on Woof.

Multi-instrumentalist Tim Hodgkinson hailed from 1970s avant/chamber-rockers Henry Cow. Bassist Mick Hobbs played with early 1980s art-punks Family Fodder. In 1989, they teamed with Unrest Work & Play drummer Andy Wake in side-trio The Momes, which issued the disc Spiralling on Woof. Work guitarist/vocalist Bill Gilonis collaborated with Belgian singer Catherine Jauniaux in The Lowest Note on the Organ and The Hat Shoes, the latter featuring Curlew/Nimal cellist Tom Cora and Quiet Sun/This Heat/Camberwell Now drummer Charles Hayward.

Members: Bill Gilonis (guitar, vocals), Tim Hodgkinson (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Mick Hobbs (bass), Rick Wilson (drums, vocals)


  • “I Hate America” / “Fingers & Toes” / “Duty” (1981)
  • Slow Crimes (1982)
  • Rubber Cage (1989)
  • See (1992)

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