The Woodentops

The Woodentops were an English art-pop/folk band that debuted with a three-song single on the Food label in 1984. The following year, the band released three multi-song 12″ singles on Rough Trade. Most of these songs were compiled on the EP Straight Eight Bushwaker, issued on the associated label Megadisc. Between 1986 and 1988, the band released two studio albums and a live disc on Rough Trade.

Members: Rolo McGinty (vocals, guitar), Simon Mawby (guitar), Alice Thompson (keyboards, 1983-87), Paul Hookham (drums), James Rawlings (bass), Frank de Freitas (bass), Benny Staples (drums), Anne Stephenson (keyboards, 1987-?), Skip Macdonald, Yovo M’boueke, Murray Gold, Aine O’Keeffe (keyboards), Paul Ashby (drums)


  • “Plenty” (12″, 1984)
  • “It Will Come” (12″, 1985)
  • “Move Me” (12″, 1985)
  • “Well Well Well” (12″, 1985)
  • Straight Eight Bushwaker (EP, 1986)
  • Giant (1986)
  • Live Hypno Beat Live (1987)
  • Wooden Foot Cops on the Highway (1988)

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