The Wild Magnolias

The Wild Magnolias were an American tribal-funk band from New Orleans that released two albums on the Polydor and Barclay labels during 1974 and 1975.

Members: Theodore “Bo” Dollis (vocals, percussion), Joseph “Monk” Boudreaux (congas, vocals), “Gator June” Johnson Jr. (percussion, vocals), “Crip” Adams (percussion, vocals), “Quarter Moon” Tobias (percussion, vocals), “Gate” Johnson (percussion, vocals), “Bubba” Scott (percussion, vocals), James Smothers (congas, bongos, vocals), Wilson “Willie Tee” Turbinton (piano, synthesizer), Earl Turbinton (saxophone), Guitar June (guitar), Erving Charles (bass), Alfred “Uganda” Roberts (congas), Larry Panna (drums), Snooks Eaglin (guitar), June Yamagishi [Yamagishi Junshi] (guitar), Norwood “Geechie” Johnson (percussion), Gerard “Little Bo” Dollis (vocals), Queen Rita (vocals)


  • The Wild Magnolias (1974)
  • They Call Us Wild (1975)
  • I’m Back at Carnival Time! (1990 • Bo Dollis & The Wild Magnolias)
  • 1313 Hoodoo Street (1996 • Bo Dollis & The Wild Magnolias)
  • Life is a Carnival (1999)

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