The Vagrants

The Vagrants were an American garage-rock band that released six singles between 1965 and 1968 on Vanguard and Atco. Guitarist Leslie West later formed Mountain. In 1986, Arista issued The Great Lost Vagrants Album.

Members: Leslie West (guitar), Larry West (bass, vocals), Peter Sabatino (vocals), Jerry Storch (keyboards), Roger Monsour (drums)

The Vagrants formed in 1964 in Forest Hills, New York.


  • The Great Lost Vagrants Album (1986, recorded 1965–68)


  • “Oh Those Eyes” / “You’re Too Young” (1965, Southern Sound)
  • “I Can’t Make a Friend” / “Young Blues” (1966, Vanguard)
  • “The Final Hour” / “Your Hasty Heart” (1966, Vanguard)
  • “I Love, Love You (Yes I Do)” / “Respect” (1967, Atco)
  • “A Sunny Summer Rain” / “Beside the Sea” (1967, Atco)
  • “And When It’s Over” / “I Don’t Need Your Loving” (1968, Atco)


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