The Troggs

The Troggs were an English rock band, best known for the 1966 British Invasion hit “Wild Thing” from their debut album From Nowhere. On Page One, they made the 1967–68 albums Trogglodynamite, Cellophane, and Mixed Bag. Outside the US, they scored further hits with “I Can’t Control Myself,” “Any Way That You Want Me,” “Love Is All Around,” and the UK No. 1 “With a Girl Like You.”

Members: Reg Presley (lead vocals, bass, 1964-2012), Ronnie Bond (drums, vocals, 1964-89), David Wright (guitar, vocals, 1964-65), Howard Mansfield (guitar, 1964-65), Chris Britton (guitar, vocals, 1965-70, 1977-present), Pete Staples (bass, 1965-69), Tony Murray (bass, 1969-89), Richard Moore (guitar, 1971-75), Colin Fletcher (rhythm guitar, 1975-77)

The Troggs formed as The Troglodytes in May 1964 in Andover, Hampshire.


  • From Nowhere (1966)
  • Trogglodynamite (1967)
  • Cellophane (1967)
  • Mixed Bag (1968)
  • The Troggs (1975)
  • The Trogg Tapes (1976)
  • Black Bottom (1981)


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