The Transmitters

The Transmitters were an English post-punk band that released two singles and the album 24 Hours on indie Ebony in 1978. Their second album, And We Call That Leisure Time, appeared just after their initial breakup in 1980.

Members: Sam Dodson (guitar), Simon “Sid” Wells (bass, 1977-?), Jim Chase (drums, 1977-?), John F. Quinn (vocals, 1977-80), Amanda de Grey (keyboards, 1977-80), Dexter O’Brian [Christopher McHallem] (lyrics, 1977-79), Mikel Lee [aka Michael Ikon] (guitar), Tim Whelan (vocals), Dave Baby (saxophone), Julian Treasure (drums), Rob Chapman (vocals), Vince Cutcliff (guitar), The Hand of Borgus Wheems [Bob Sargeant] (keyboards), James McQueen (bass, ?-1989), Dave “Mud-Demon” Muddyman (keyboards, accordion, sampler, ?-1989), Hamilton “Hami” Lee (drums, sampler, ?-1989)

The Transmitters formed in Ealing, West London in 1977.


  • 24 Hours (1978)
  • And We Call That Leisure Time (1981)


  • Nowhere Train / Uninvited Guest / Persons Unknown (1978)
  • Party / 0.5 Alive (1978)
  • Still Hunting for the Ugly Man (EP, 1979)
  • Count Your Blessings (EP, 1987/89) 


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