The Trammps

The Trammps were an American soul group from Philadelphia, formed in 1972. Early on, the group released a string of singles later compiled on the 1975 Buddah release The Legendary Zing Album. In 1975, the group released a self-titled album on Golden Fleece, followed by six albums on Atlantic between 1976 and 1980. The members previously recorded together in the mid-1960s vocal act The Volcanos.

Members: Jimmy Ellis, Harold Wade, Stanley Wade, Earl Young, Dave Dixon, Robert Upchurch


  • Trammps (1975)
  • The Legendary Zing Album (1975)
  • Where the Happy People Go (1976)
  • Disco Inferno (1976)
  • Disco Champs (1977)
  • The Trammps III (1977)
  • The Whole World’s Dancing (1979)
  • Mixin’ It Up (1980)
  • Slipping Out (1980)
  • This One Is for the Party (1984)

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