The Three O’Clock

The Three O’Clock was an American pop-rock band from Los Angeles. They formed in 1981 as The Salvation Army and cut one album under that name on small-press Frontier Records, which also issued their first two titles as Three O’Clock: the 1982 EP Baroque Hoedown and the 1983 album Sixteen Tambourines. On I.R.S., they made the 1985–87 albums Arrive Without Travelling and Ever After, followed by the 1988 Paisley Park release Vermillion.

Members: Michael Quercio (vocals, bass), Danny Benair (drums), Mike Mariano (keyboards, 1982-88), Louis Gutierrez (guitar, 1982-85, 2013-present), Patrick Winningham (guitar, 1985-86), Steven Altenberg (guitar, 1986-88), Jason Falkner (guitar, 1988)

The Three O’Clock formed in 1981 as The Salvation Army, a Los Angeles retro-psych trio composed of singer–bassist Michael Quercio, guitarist John Blazing, and drummer Troy Howell.


  • The Salvation Army (1982, as The Salvation Army)
  • Baroque Hoedown (EP, 1982)
  • Sixteen Tambourines (1983)
  • Arrive Without Travelling (1985)
  • Ever After (1987)
  • Vermillion (1988)


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