The The

The The were an English art-pop band from London that released three albums on Epic between 1983 and 1989. The band was fronted by musician/songwriter Matt Johnson, who concurrently recorded in the avant/electro trio The Gadgets.

Members: Matt Johnson (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Keith Laws (keyboards, 1979-81), Tom Johnston (bass, 1980), Peter Ashworth (drums, 1980), Colin Lloyd Tucker (guitar, vocals, 1981), Simon Fisher Turner (guitar, vocals, 1981), David Palmer (drums, 1985-94), Johnny Marr (guitar, harmonica, 1988-94), James Eller (bass, 1988-94), D.C. Collard (keyboards, 1989-97)


  • Soul Mining (1983)
  • Infected (1986)
  • Mind Bomb (1989)

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