The Sugarcubes

The Sugarcubes were an Icelandic art-pop band that released three albums between 1988 and 1992. The band’s Ray Schulman-produced debut, Life’s Too Good, was promoted internationally on Elektra and Rough Trade, making it the first commercially successful album in the English-speaking market by an Icelandic outfit.

Members: Björk (vocals), Einar Örn (vocals, trumpet), Þór Eldon (lead guitar), Bragi Ólafsson (bass), Margrét Örnólfsdóttir (keyboards), Siggi Baldursson [aka Bogomil Font] (drums), Einar Melax (keyboards)


  • Life’s Too Good (1988)
  • Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week! (1989)
  • Stick Around for Joy (1992)

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