The Standells

The Standells were an American garage-rock band that released four 1966–67 albums on Capitol–Tower. Their best-known songs include “Try It,” “Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White,” and the Billboard Top 20 hit “Dirty Water.”

Members: Larry Tamblyn (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Tony Valentino (lead guitar, 1962-68), Jody Rich (bass, 1962-63), Benny King (drums, 1962-63), Gary Lane (bass, vocals, 1962-66, 2000-09), Gary Leeds [aka Gary Walker] (drums, 1964), Dick Dodd (drums, vocals, 1964-65, 1966-68), Dewey Martin (drums, 1965-66), Dave Burke (bass, guitar, 1966), John Fleck [John Fleckenstein] (bass, 1966-68), Bill Daffern [aka Willie Dee] (drums, 1968-70), Lowell George (vocals, guitar, 1968), Paul Downing (guitar, 1969-70), Tim Smyser (bass, 1969-70)

The Standells formed in 1962 in Los Angeles.


  • Dirty Water (1966)
  • Why Pick on Me / Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White (1966)
  • The Hot Ones! (1966)
  • Try It (1967)


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