The Smoke

The Smoke was an English rock quartet that was initially active during the late 1960s. The band distinguished itself from other beat/popsike acts with a heavy reliance on reverb. They released several singles and one album during a furtive 1967/68 streak and reemerged in the early 1970s for a further string of singles.

Members: Geoff Gill (drums), Mal Luker [Malcolm Luker] (lead guitar), Zeke Lund [John Lund] (bass), Mick Rowley (vocals)

The Smoke

A: My Friend Jack
B: We Can Take It

A: If The Weather’s Sunny
B: I Would If I Could But I Can’t

A: High In A Room
B: If The Weather’s Sunny

A: It Could Be Wonderful
B: Have Some More Tea

A: Have Some More Tea
B: Victor Henry’s Cool Book

The Smoke

A1: If The Weather Is Sunny
A2: I Would If I Could But I Can’t
B1: Wake Up Cherylina
B2: It’s Just Your Way Of Lovin

A: Utterly Simple
B: Sydney Gill

A: Ride, Ride, Ride (Dick Turpin)
B: Guy Fawkes

A: Jack Is Back
B: That’s What I Want

A: Sugar Man
B: That’s What I Want

A: Shagalagalu
B: Gimme Good Loving

A: My Lullaby
B: Looking High


  • It’s Smoke Time (1967)


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