The Shadows of Knight

The Shadows of Knight were an American garage-rock band that released the 1966 Dunwich albums Gloria and Back Door Men, followed by a 1970 self-titled album on Super K. They are best known for the proto-punk classic “Gloria,” originally by Them.

Members: Warren Rogers (lead guitar, rhythm guitar), Roger Spielmann (rhythm guitar, lead guitar, vocals, 1965-67), Norm Gotsch (rhythm guitar, 1965), Wayne Pursell (bass, 1965), Tom Schiffour (drums, 1965-67), Jim Sohns (lead vocals), Joe Kelley (lead guitar, bass, 1965-?), Jerry McGeorge (guitar, 1965-67), Warren Rogers (bass, ?-1966), David “Hawk” Wolinski (bass, 1966-67), John Fisher (bass, ?-1971), Steve “Woody” Woodruff (guitar, ?-1970), Dan Baughman (guitar), Ken Turkin (drums, ?-1969), Paul Scarpelli (drums, 1969-70), Jack “Hawkeye” Daniels (guitar, 1970-?), Jorge Gonzales (bass, 1971-72), John Hardy (bass, 1972-?), Don Ferrone (bass), Lee Brovitz (bass), Paul Roy (guitar)

The Shadows of Knight formed in 1965 in Arlington Heights, Illinois.


  • Gloria (1966)
  • Back Door Men (1966)
  • Shadows of Knight (1970)


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