The Rezillos

The Rezillos were a Scottish New Wave band that released the 1978 Sire album Can’t Stand The Rezillos, surrounded by the singles “I Can’t Stand My Baby,” “(My Baby Does) Good Sculptures,” “Destination Venus,” and the UK Top 20 hit “Top of the Pops.”

After their collapse, singer Fay Fife and multi-instrumentalist Eugene Reynolds formed The Revillos, which released multiple singles and two albums: Rev Up (1980, DinDisc/Virgin) and Attack! (1982, Superville).

Rezillos guitarist Jo Callis became a keyboardist in the Dare/Hysteria lineup of The Human League, co-writing the hits “Don’t You Want Me,” “Mirror Man,” and “(Keep Feeling) Fascination.”

Rezillos Members:
Fay Fife [aka Sheila Hynde] (vocals), Eugene Reynolds [aka Alan Forbes] (vocals, guitar), Luke Warm [aka Jo Callis] (guitar), Hi-Fi Harris [aka Mark Harris] (guitar, 1976-77), Dr. D.K. Smythe [aka Dave Smythe] (bass, 1976-77), William Mysterious [aka Ali Donaldson] (saxophone, bass, 1976-78), Angel Paterson (drums), Gale Warning (backing vocals, 1976-77), Simon Templar (bass, 1978)

Revillos Members:
Eugene Reynolds (vocals, saxophone, keyboards), Fay Fife (vocals, keyboards), Rocky Rhythm [Nicky Forbes] (drums), Hi-Fi Harris (guitar), Kid Krupa [Jon McLoughlin] (guitar), Max Atom [Trevor Sewell] (guitar), Fabian Wonderful (guitar), George (guitar), D.K. Smythe (bass), Felix (bass), William Mysterious (bass), Vince Santini [Dennis Schiavon] (bass), Buck Moon (bass), Mekon (bass), Hymo (keyboards)


  • Can’t Stand The Rezillos (1978)
  • Rev Up (The Revillos • 1980)
  • Attack! (The Revillos • 1982)


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