The Raincoats

The Raincoats were an English post-punk band that released three albums between 1979 and 1984 on Rough Trade. Their first album features original Slits drummer Palmolive and includes “Adventures Close to Home,” recorded by both bands. Bassist Gina Birch played concurrently in the 1979–81 incarnation of Red Crayola. Violinist Vicky Aspinal also worked with Tuxedomoon, Lindsay Cooper, and The New Age Steppers.

Members: Ana da Silva (vocals, guitar), Gina Birch (bass, vocals), Ross Crighton (guitar, 1977), Nicky Turner (drums, 1977), Kate Korus (guitar, 1977), Jeremie Frank (guitar, 1977), Richard Dudanski (drums, 1977), Patrick Keiller (guitar, 1977), Vicky Aspinall (violin, guitar, 1978-84), Palmolive (drums, 1978-79), Ingrid Weiss (drums, 1979-80)


The Raincoats formed in 1977 in London when Hornsey School of Art students Gina Birch (b. 1955, Nottingham) and Ana da Silva (b. 195?, Madeira, Portugal) took up bass and guitar, respectively; inspired by the untrained vigor of The Slits.

They played their first concert on November 9 at The Tabernacle with a makeshift lineup composed of guitarist (and Métal Urbain soundman) Ross Crighton and (future Barracudas drummer) Nick Turner, who cleared for (ex-101ers drummer) Richard Dudanski while the guitar slot passed between (original Slit) Kate Korus and filmmaker Patrick Keiller.

In late 1978, The Raincoats settled as an all-female quartet with Ana, Gina, ex-Slits drummer Palmolive, and classically trained violinist Vicky Aspinall. They signed with the post-punk independent label Rough Trade.

“Fairytale in the Supermarket”

In April 1979, The Raincoats debuted with the single “Fairytale in the Supermarket.”

A1. “Fairytale In the Supermarket”
B1. “In Love”
B2. “Adventures Close to Home”

The Raincoats toured with Kleenex, a Swiss all-female post-punk band.

The Raincoats

The Raincoats released their self-titled debut album on November 21, 1979, on Rough Trade.

1. “No Side to Fall In” (1:50)
2. “Adventures Close to Home” (1:54)
3. “Off Duty Trip” (3:16)
4. “Black and White” (2:29)
5. “Lola” (Ray Davies) (4:04)

6. “The Void” (3:52)
7. “Life on the Line” (4:23)
8. “You’re a Million” (3:54)
9. “In Love” (3:06)
10. “No Looking” (3:06) lyrics translated from a poem by Jacques Prévert.

Studio Berry Street Studio, Clerkenwell, London

Ana da Silva – vocals, guitar, keyboards
Gina Birch – vocals, bass guitar
Palmolive – drums
Vicky Aspinall – vocals, violin, guitar

Lora Logic – saxophone on “Black and White”

Adam Kidron – engineer
Geoff Travis, Mayo Thompson, and The Raincoats – producers
Pang Hsiao-Li – cover painting
Shirley O’Loughlin – photography


The Raincoats released their second album, Odyshape, on June 1, 1981, on Rough Trade.

1. “Shouting Out Loud” (4:54) The Raincoats, Ingrid Weiss
2. “Family Treet” (4:12) The Raincoats, Caroline Scott
3. “Only Loved at Night” (3:32)
4. “Dancing in My Head” (5:26)
5. “Odyshape” (3:37) The Raincoats, Ingrid Weiss
6. “And Then It’s O.K.” (3:05) The Raincoats, Caroline Scott
7. “Baby Song” (4:54)
8. “Red Shoes” (2:51)
9. “Go Away” (2:23)

Recorded March–June 1980
Studio Bob’s Berry Street Studio, Clerkenwell, London
Producer Adam Kidron, The Raincoats

Ana da Silva – vocals, guitar, shruti box, kalimba, bass, percussion, harmonica
Gina Birch – vocals, bass, guitar, balafon
Vicky Aspinall – vocals, guitar, bass, violin, piano

Georgie Born – cello on “Family Treet” and “Dancing in My Head”
Dick O’Dell, Shirley O’Loughlin, Kadir Durvesh Shehnai, Ingrid Weiss – percussion
Robert Wyatt – drums on “And Then It’s O.K.”
Richard Dudanski – drums on “Dancing in My Head”
Charles Hayward – drums on “Family Treet” and “Go Away”
Ingrid Weiss – drums on “Shouting Out Loud” and “Odyshape”

“Running Away”

On August 6, 1982, The Raincoats released the standalone single “Running Away” backed with “No One’s Little Girl” on Rough Trade.

A. “Running Away”
B. “No One’s Little Girl”


The Raincoats released their third album, Moving, on January 27, 1984, on Rough Trade. 


  • “Fairytale in the Supermarket” (1979)
  • The Raincoat” (1979)
  • Odyshape (1981)
  • “Running Away” / “No One’s Little Girl” (1982)
  • Moving (1984)


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