The Quick

The Quick were the English synth-funk duo of vocalist Colin Campsie and bassist/keyboardist George McFarlane. The pair released assorted singles and two proper album on Epic between 1979 and 1984, plus a third on A&M in 1986. Their first album, On the Uptake, appeared Down Under in 1981 to capitalize on the Australian success of the single “Hip Shake Jerk.” In 1982, the album was repacked for the Northern Hemisphere as Fascinating Rhythm to emphasize the U.S. club hit “Zulu.”

Campsie and McFarlane first teamed in California as part of the melodic-rock band Grand Hotel, which issued the album Do Not Disturb on CBS in 1978. After folding The Quick, the pair recorded a dance-pop album as Giant Steps in 1988. Throughout the decade, they also worked as a production team on recordings by Endgames, Blue Zoo, Fiat Lux, Girls Can’t Help It, Haywoode, and Deon Estus among others.

Members: Colin Campsie (vocals) George McFarlane (bass, keyboards)

  • “Hip Shake Jerk” / “Expresso Bongo” (1980)
  • On the Uptake [aka Fascinating Rhythm] (1981/82)
  • International Thing (1984)
  • Wah! Wah! (1986)

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