The Purple Gang

The Purple Gang was an English pop-psych band from Stockport that released the much-comped 1967 toy-town classic “Granny Takes a Trip” on BIG t. The song appears on their singular album Strikes!, issued in 1968 on Transatlantic.

Members: Peter “Lucifer” Walker (vocals, kazoo), Joe Beard (guitar), Trevor “Ank” Langley (jug), Geoff Bowyer (washboard, piano, vocals, kazoo), Gerry Robinson (harmonica, mandolin), Tony Moss (bass), Alex “Haystack” Sidebottom (drums, washboard, jaws harp), Chris Millward (bass), Pev Pevitt (vocals, kazoo, harmonica, tambourine), Andy Stark (lead guitar, piano), John Curtis (keyboards, backing vocals), Gabor Bartos (drums)


  • Strikes! [aka The Purple Gang Strikes] (1968)

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