The Passions

The Passions were an English New Wave/ethereal-pop band from London that released a single apiece on Soho and Fiction Records in 1979, culminating with the 1980 album Michael & Miranda. Two further albums with accompanying singles appeared on Polydor between 1981 and 1982. Frontwoman Barbara Gogan had earlier played in an unrecorded politi-folk band The Derelicts with sister Susan Gogan, who went on to front pragVEC. Guitarist Clive Timperley had played in the 101ers alongside a pre-Clash Joe Strummer.

Members: Barbara Gogan (vocals, guitar), Mitch Barker (vocals, 1978-79), Clive Timperley (guitar, vocals, 1978-81), Claire Bidwell (bass, vocals, 1978-80), Richard Williams (drums), David Agar (bass 1980-82), Kevin Armstrong (guitar, 1981-82), Jeff Smith (keyboards, 1981-82), Stephen Wright (guitar, 1982)


  • “Hunted” / “Oh No, It’s You” (1979)
  • “Needles and Pills” / “Body and Soul” (1979)
  • Michael & Miranda (1980)
  • Thirty Thousand Feet Over China (1981)
  • Sanctuary (1982)

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