The Passage

The Passage was an English post-punk band assembled by drummer, keyboardist, and songwriter Dick Witts. They released two 1978–79 EPs on Manchester indie Object, followed by the 1980 album Pindrop. In 1981, a revised lineup issued For All and None on Virgin-subsidiary Night & Day, followed by the 1982–83 releases Degenerates and Enflame on Cherry Red.

Members: Dick Witts (drums, percussion, keyboards, vocals), Tony Friel (vocals, guitar, bass, 1978-79), Lorraine Hilton (keyboards, 1978-80), Joe McKechnie (drums, 1980-81, 1982-83), Lizzy Johnson (vocals, 1980-81), Andy Wilson (guitar, 1980-83), Paul Mahoney (drums, 1981-82)

New Love Songs

In December 1978, New Love Songs

A1: “Love Song”
A2: “The Competition”
B1: “Slit Machine”
B2: “New Kind of Love”

Bass [Uncredited], Guitar [Uncredited] – Tony Friel
Keyboards [Uncredited] – Lorraine Hilton
Vocals [Uncredited], Percussion [Uncredited] – Dick Witts
Written-By – Dick Witts (tracks: A1, B1), Tony Friel (tracks: A2, B2)

About Time

In October 1979, About Time

A1: “Taking My Time”
A2: “Clock Paradox”
B1: “16 Hours”
B2: “Time Delay”


The Passage released their debut album, Pindrop, in November 1980 on Object.

Pin side
1. “Fear”
2. “Troops Out”
3. “Carnal”
4. “Watching You Dance”
5. “Hunt”
6. “Anderton’s Hall”
7. “From the Heart”

Drop side
8. “Locust”
9. “2711”
10. “16 Hours” (Witts, Tony Friel)
11. “Carmen”
12. “A Certain Way to Go”
13. “Prelude”

Recorded July 1980
Studio Graveyard Studios, Prestwich

Dick Witts – vocals, treatments

Stewart Pickering – engineer
Jeremy Greenwood – cover design

Non-album Singles

“Devils and Angels” / “Watching You Dance” (Night & Day AMPM 24.00) (Feb 1981)

“Troops Out” / “Hip Rebels” (Night & Day AMPM 22.00) (May 1981)

For All and None

The Passage released their second album, For All and None, in July 1981 on Night & Day.

A1. “Dark Times” (3:30)
A2. “Lon Don” (4:30)
A3. “The Shadows” (4:50) Vocals – Teresa Shaw 
A4. “Do the Bastinado” (4:13)
A5. “One To One” (3:10)
A6. “A Good and Useful Life (Begun)” (2:18)

B1. “A Good and Useful Life (Revived)” (3:54)
B2. “Flag Night” (3:35)
B3. “Shave Your Head” (3:14)
B4. “Tangled” (3:44)
B5. “Photo Romance” (3:20)
B6. “The Great Refusal” (5:00)

Design – Jeremy Greenwood
Engineer – Stewart Pickering
Featuring, Vocals – Teresa Shaw
Management – Lawrence Beedle
Music By, Text By, Effects [Treatments] – Dick Witts
Performer, Drums, Vocals, Bass – Joe McKechnie
Performer, Guitar, Vocals – Andy Wilson (3)
Performer, Spoons – Dick Witts
Photography By – Francesco Mellina
Photography By [Assisted By] – David Sketchley, John Nichols (3), Tony Skellern
Producer – The Passage


The Passage released their third album, Degenerates, in June 1982 on Cherry Red.

A1. “XOYO” (3:56)
A2. “Fleck” (3:25)
A3. “Revelation” (5:12)
A4. “Love Is As” (4:38)
A5. “Born Every Minute” (5:33)

B1. “(Ourselves)” (4:31)
B2. “Go To Seed” (4:22)
B3. “Armour” (4:47)
B4. “Time Will Tell” (5:49)
B5. “Empty Words” (4:48)

Recorded at Strawberry Oct 1981.
Mixed at Red Bus Feb 1982.
Artwork – Jeremy Greenwood
Engineer – Chris Nagle
Lacquer Cut By – TY* (tracks: B)
Management – Lawrence Beedle
Mastered By, Lacquer Cut By – timtom* (tracks: A)
Mixed By – Steve Taylor*
Music By, Text By, Arranged By [Treatments] – Dick Witts
Performer [The Passage is] – Andrew Wilson*, Dick Witts, Paul Mahoney
Producer – The Passage

“XOYO” / “Animal in Me” (Cherry Red CHERRY 35) (May 1982)
“Wave” / “Angleland” (Cherry Red CHERRY 50) (Oct 1982)


The Passage released their fourth album, Enflame, in March 1983 on Cherry Red.

A1. “Sharp Tongue” (3:05)
A2. “Clear As Crystal” (3:50)
A3. “Drugface” (3:45)
A4. “Man Of War” (1:45)
A5. “The Half Of It: Twats” (5:00)

B1. “The Half Of It: Sissies” (3:20)
B2. “Dogstar @th Day” (6:15)
B3. “Horseplay” (4:35)
B4. “BRD USA DDR JFK” (3:30)
B5. “Sunburn” (4:30)

Recorded at Sound-Suite, December 1982, mixed at Red Bus, January 1983.
brd usa ddr jfk recorded at Strawberry North, September 1982, drugface recorded at Amazon, August 1982.

Artwork – Jeremy Greenwood
Lacquer Cut By – timtom*
Mixed By – Steve Taylor*
Recorded By – Chris Nagle (tracks: B4), Geoff Higgins (tracks: A3), Steve Taylor* (tracks: A1, A2, A4 to B3, B5)
Written-By [Music, Texts], Arranged By [Treatments] – Dick Witts

“Sharp Tongue” / “BRD USA GDR JFK” (Cherry Red CHERRY 58) (Mar 1983)


  • New Love Songs (EP, 1978)
  • About Time (EP, 1979)
  • Pindrop (1980)
  • For All and None (1981)
  • Degenerates (1982)
  • Enflame (1983)


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