The Outsiders

The Outsiders were a Dutch garage-rock/psych band from Amsterdam that issued numerous singles on Relax circa 1965/66, culminating with a self-titled album in 1967. The band’s second album, C.Q., appeared on Polydor in 1968.

Members: Piet Sanstra (guitar, 1960-?), Leendert Groenhoff [aka Jimmy Revon] (vocals, 1960-63), Ronnie Splinter (composer, guitar, 1960-69, 1998-?), Wally Tax (composer, guitar, lead vocals, 1960-98), Leendert Busch (drums, 1964-present), Appie Rammers (bass, 1964-68, 1998, 2015-present), Tom Krabbendam (guitar, 1965-67), Frank Beek (bass, 1968-69)


  • Outsiders (1967)
  • C.Q. (1968)

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