The Only Ones

The Only Ones were an English rock band that released the 1977 single “Lovers of Today” on Vengeance Records, followed by the 1978–80 CBS albums The Only Ones, Even Serpents Shine, and Baby’s Got a Gun. Vocalist Peter Perrett hailed from England’s Glory with future-Squeeze bassist Harri Kakoulli. Drummer Mike Kellie extracted from Spooky Tooth.

Members: Peter Perrett (vocals, guitar), John Perry (guitar), Alan Mair (bass), Mike Kellie (drums)

The Only Ones formed in August 1976 in London when singer–guitarist Peter Perrett teamed with guitarist John Perry.

Perrett (born April 8, 1952, Camberwell) ran away from home at age sixteen after his expulsion from Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham College.> He married his girlfriend, fashion designer Xenoulla “Zena” Kakoulli, in 1970 and teamed with her bassist brother Harri Kakoulli in England’s Glory. With drummer Jon Newey, they pressed twenty-five copies of a 1973 acetate.


  • “Lovers of Today” / “Peter and the Pets” (1977)
  • The Only Ones (1978)
  • Even Serpents Shine (1979)
  • Baby’s Got a Gun (1980)
  • Remains (1984)


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