The Movies

This entry concerns the American one-album trio from 1976. For the English six-piece band that released five albums between 1975 and 1981, click here.

The Movies were an American art-pop band from Milwaukee, Wisc., that released a self-titled album on Arista in 1976, followed by two non-album singles in 1977. The album was produced by Vini Poncia and features guest appearances by keyboardist James Newton Howard and bassist Davey Faragher. Movies multi-instrumentalists Michael Morgan and Peter Barnes had both played on a 1969 album by Minnesota popsters The Messengers. Rhode Island native Ted Medbury drummed in the 1966–68-era psych bands The Ascots, The White Wash, and Deviled Ham.

Members: Michael Morgan (piano, electric piano, Mellotron, synthesizers, harp, kazoo, vocals), Peter Barnes (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, violin, chimes, shakers, vocals), Ted Medbury (drums, percussion, toys, harmonica, vocals)


  • The Movies (1976)
  • “Ahead of the Game” / “Satellite Touchdown” (1977)
  • “Hello, Hello Young Lovers” / “Mystery Creek” (1977)

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