The Motor Totemist Guild

The Motor Totemist Guild were an American avant-rock band from San Francisco that released two albums, a standalone single, and a live disc on self-press Rotary Totem between 1984 and 1986, followed by titles on the RēR-affiliates No Man’s Land, Auf Dem Nil, and Cuneiform during the subsequent 13-year period. The band’s participation in the 5uu’s 1988 release Elements led the two parties to merge as U Totem for a pair of albums during the early 1990s.

Members: Becky Heninger, Christine Clements, David Kerman, Emily Hay, James Grigsby, Jerry Wheeler, Lynn Johnston, Motoko Honda, Rich West


  • Infra Dig (1984)
  • “Sub-Mission” / “Ballad of the Thin Man” (1984)
  • Klang (live, 1985)
  • Contact With Veils (1986)
  • Elements (1988 • 5uu’s With The Motor Totemist Guild)
  • Shapuno Zoo (1988)
  • A Luigi Futi (1989)
  • City of Mirrors (1999)
  • All America City (2000)

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