The Motions

The Motions were a Dutch garage-rock/psych band from Den Haag that released three albums on Havoc/Negram between 1965 and 1968, followed by the Decca release Electric Baby in 1969. Guitarist Robbie van Leeuwen left after the second album to form Shocking Blue.

Members: Rudy Bennett [Ruud van de Berg] (vocals), Robbie van Leeuwen (guitar, 1964-67), Henk Smitskamp (bass, 1964-67), Sieb Warner (drums, 1964-69), Gerard Romeyn (guitar, bass, 1967-68), Leo Bennink (guitar, 1967-70), Bob van der Vaart [aka Bobby Green] (vocals, keyboards, 1968-70), Jan Vennik (flute, saxophone, 1968), Paul van Melzen (bass, 1968-70), Han Gordinou de Gouberville (drums, 1969-70)


  • Introduction to the Motions (1965)
  • Their Own Way (1966)
  • Impressions of Wonderful (1968)
  • Electric Baby (1969)
  • Sensation (1971)

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