The Moodists

The Moodists were an Australian New Wave band from Melbourne that released two singles and an EP on Au-Go-Go Records circa 1981/82, followed by another round of shortplayers on Red Flame and T.I.M. between 1983 and 1987. The band’s only proper album, Thirsty’s Calling, appeared on Virgin in 1984.

Members: Dave Graney (vocals), Steve Miller (guitar), Clare Moore (drums), Chris Walsh (bass, 1980-85), Mick Turner (guitar, 1983-85), Malcolm Ross (guitar, 1985-87), David McClymont (bass, 1985-87)


  • “Where the Trees Walk Downhill” / “I Should Have Been Here”(1981)
  • “Gone Dead” / “Chad’s Car” (1982)
  • Engine Shudder (EP, 1983)
  • Thirsty’s Calling (1984)
  • Double Life (EP, 1985)
  • Take the Red Carpet Out of Town (EP, 1986)
  • The Moodists (EP, 1987)

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