The Memphis Horns

The Memphis Horns were an American brass/woodwinds ensemble that originally served as a house act at Stax Records. As an autonomous unit, the band debuted with an album on Cotillion in 1970, followed by the 1972 album Horns for Everything on Million Records Inc. Between 1976 and 1979, the band released four albums on RCA.

Members: Wayne Jackson (trumpet), Andrew Love (tenor saxophone), Ed Logan (tenor saxophone), Lewis Collins (trombone), Jack Hale (trombone), James Mitchell (baritone saxophone), Tom McGinley (baritone saxophone), Jimmy Sharp (trombone), Roger Hopps (trumpet), Floyd Newman (baritone saxophone), Ben Cauley (trumpet), Jack Hale, Jr. (trumpet, french horn)


  • Memphis Horns (1970)
  • Memphis Heat (1971 • Memphis Slim, Canned Heat & The Memphis Horns)
  • Horns for Everything (1972)
  • High on Music (1976)
  • Get Up and Dance (1977)
  • Memphis Horns Band 2 (1978)
  • Welcome to Memphis (1979)
  • Flame Out (1992)

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