The Members

The Members were an English punk-pop/reggae band from Camberley, Surrey, that debuted with the track “Fear of the Streets” on the 1977 various-artists compilation Streets, released on Beggars Banquet. After a 1978 standalone single on Stiff-subsidiary 1 Off, the band released two 1979/80 albums on Virgin, followed by a third on Arista in 1982. The band included drummer Adrian Lillywhite, brother of producer Steve Lillywhite.

Members: Nicky Tesco (vocals), Gary Baker (guitar, 1976-78), Steve Morley (bass, 1976), Steve Maycock (drums, 1976), Clive Parker (drums, 1976), J.C. Carroll (guitar, 1976-present), Adrian Lillywhite (drums, 1976-83), Chris Payne (bass, 1977-83, 2008-present), Nigel Bennett (guitar, 1978-83, 2014-present), Steve Thompson (saxophone, 1981-83), Simon Lloyd (horns, 1981-83)


  • At the Chelsea Night Club (1979)
  • 1980 – The Choice Is Yours (1980)
  • Uprhythm, Downbeat (1982)

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