The Mebusas

The Mebusas were a Nigerian Afro-funk ensemble that issued the album Blood Brothers on Afrodisia in 1973.

Members: Chike Emegokwe (saxophone, flute), Harry Udofia James (trumpet), Fuzzy Gbagi (tenor sax), Raimi Olalowo (trombone), Laja George (drums), Williams Okolie (guitar), Cyril (organ), George Neuville (vocals)

Mebusas’ brass/woodwind players were ubiquitous on the West African scene. Harry Udofia James served concurrently in fellow Afrodisia one-off Dadigaye and His Friends of Distinction. In 1978, the trumpeter played on the EMI release Charity Begins at Home by saxist/pianist Eji Oyewole.

Chike Emegokwe appeared at decade’s end on titles by Benis Cletin and RAMC Movement (The African Band). Ten years after the Mebusas, the saxist turned up on the album Nigie Explosion (With Emaba Rythm) by Akaba Man & the Nigie Rokets.

Raimi Olalowo appeared later in the ’70s on albums by Marijata and C.S. Crew. Fuzzy Gbagi played with a vast range of artists, including Perry Ernest, Sonny Okosuns Ozziddi, Rax-Saba-Tha Inc., Pazy and the Black Hippies, and Kings Aigbologa Bucknor & His Afrodisk Beat Organisation.


  • Blood Brothers (1973)

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