The Lucy Show

The Lucy Show was an EnglishCanadian underground rock band that released two EPs and the 1985–86 albums …Undone and Mania. The latter spawned the college radio hits “A Million Things” and “New Message.”

Members: Mark Bandola (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Rob Vandeven (vocals, bass), Peter Barraclough (guitar, keyboards), Bryan Hudspeth (drums)


The Lucy Show evolved from Midnight Movie, a London-based pop trio led by Canadian transplants Mark Bandola (guitar) and Rob Vandeven (bass). In 1983, they welcomed guitarist–keyboardist Peter Barraclough and drummer Bryan Hudspeth. They renamed their act after the 1962–68 CBS sitcom by comedian Lucille Ball (the followup to her 1950s television staple I Love Lucy).

1983–84 Shortplayers

In December 1983, The Lucy Show debuted with the single “Leonardo da Vinci” / “Kill the Beast” on the post-punk indie Shout Records.

A. “Leonardo Da Vinci” (3:41) B. “Kill the Beast” (3:42) written and sung by Barraclough.

“Leonardo da Vinci” appeared as the fifth release on Shout’s XS series (007) between singles by Shoc Corridor and Headhunters. BBC DJ John Peel aired the song, which won Lucy Show a deal with the A&M imprint Piggy Bank Records.


  • Extended Play (EP, 1984)
  • …Undone (1985)
  • Mania (1986)


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