The Long Hello

The Long Hello was a side-project put together in 1972 by instrumentalists from a temporarily halted Van der Graaf Generator. The project yielded one album of haunting instrumental music before VDGG regrouped for a second go-round.

After VDGG folded a second time, the Long Hello nameplate was resurrected with different personnel for three additional albums during the early 1980s.

Members: David Jackson (saxophone, flute), Hugh Banton (keyboards, 1974), Nic Potter (bass, 1974, 1980), Guy Evans (drums), Ced Curtis (guitar, 1974), Piero Messina (guitar, piano, 1974), Giles Perring (piano, guitar, 1980, 1983), Chris Barnes (guitar, 1982), Dave Anderson (bass, 1982), Jakko M. Jakszyk (guitar, 1982), Nic Graham (bass, 1982), Peter Hammill (vocals, guitar, 1982), Chris Kerridge (guitar, 1983), Dave Sawyer (percussion, 1983), Dayne Kranenburgh (bass, 1983), Harry Williamson (guitar, vocals, keyboards, 1983)



  • The Long Hello (1974)
  • The Long Hello Volume Two (1981)
  • The Long Hello III (1982)
  • The Long Hello Volume Four (1983)

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