The Loading Zone

The Loading Zone was an American brass-rock-soul band that released a self-titled album in 1968 on RCA Victor, followed by the private 1970 effort One for All. They launched the career of soul singer Linda Tillery, who went solo as Sweet Linda Divine.

Members: Peter Shapiro (guitar, 1965-69), Steve Dowler (rhythm guitar, 1965-69), David Dougdale (bass, 1965-66), Ray Greenleaf (drums, 1965-66), Paul Fauerso (vocals, organ, 1966-70, 2005-present), George Newcom (drums, 1966-69), Bob Kridle (bass, 1966-69), Susie Levin (vocals, 1967-68), Todd Anderson (woodwinds, saxophone, vocals, keyboards, 1967-69), Patrick O’Hara (trombone, vocals, 1967-70), Steve “Doc” Kupka (baritone saxophone, 1968), Linda Tillery [Sweet Linda Devine] (vocals, 1968-1972), Mike Eggleston (bass, 1969-71, 2005-present), George Marsh (drums, 1969-70, 2005-present), Steve Busfield (guitar, 1969-70, 1972), Ron Taormina (saxophone, 1969-70), Al Costa (drums, 1970-71), Tom Coster (keyboards, vocals, 1970-72), Wendy Haas (vocals, 1972), Doug Rauch (bass, 1972), Tony Smith (drums, 1972)

The Loading Zone formed in Oakland, California, in 1966.

The Loading Zone… (1968)

One for All (1970)


  • The Loading Zone… (1968)
  • One for All (1970)


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