The Legendary Pink Dots

The Legendary Pink Dots were an English-Dutch goth-psych band that issued two cassette-albums on self-press Mirrordot in 1981, followed by three proper studio albums on In Phaze Records between 1982 and 1984. A lengthy round of albums appeared during the subsequent 10-year period on Play It Again Sam Records amid side releases on Jarmusic and other smaller labels

Members: Edward Ka-Spel (lead vocals, keyboards, synthesizer), Phil Knight [aka The Silverman] (keyboards, synthesizer), April White (keyboards, vocals, 1980-84), Roland Calloway (bass, keyboards, 1981-84), Tony Johnson (guitar, 1981-82), Patrick Q. Wright (violin, viola, mandolin, keyboards, vocals, drum programming, 1982-89, 1992), Barry Gray (guitar, drum programming, 1982-88), Sally Graves (flute, vocals, 1982-83), Keith Thompson (drums, percussion, vocals, 1982-83), Michael Marshall (guitar, 1982), Julia Niblock Waller (bass, keyboards, vocals, 1985), Graham Whitehead (piano, synthesizer, 1986-88), Niels van Hoorn (saxophone, flute, bass flute, bass clarinet, woodwinds, 1989-2009), Bob Pistoor (guitar, sitar, bass, 1989-91), Martijn de Kleer (guitar, violin, banjo, drums, bass, percussion, 1991-96, 2000-02, 2006-09), Ryan Moore (bass, drums, percussion, 1992-2001), Frank Verschuuren (engineering, 1996-2000), Erik Drost (guitar, bass, 2003-06, 2010-present)


  • Brighter Now (1982)
  • Curse (1983)
  • The Tower (1984)
  • The Lovers (live, 1984)
  • Asylum (1985)
  • Island of Jewels (1986)
  • Any Day Now (1988)
  • The Golden Age (1989)
  • The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse (1990)
  • The Maria Dimension (1991)
  • Malachai: Shadow Weaver Part 2 (1992)
  • Shadow Weaver (1992)
  • 9 Lives to Wonder (1994)
  • From Here You’ll Watch the World Go By (1995)

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