The John Wagner Coalition

The John Wagner Coalition was an American jazz-funk studio project assembled by namesake producer/engineer John Wagner for Koala Records with participation from label-mates David Nuñez and Main Street.

Members: Steve Miller (guitar, vocals), David Nuñez [David] (guitar), Mike Weatherly (bass), Jack Kane (bass), Michael Maddux (keyboards), Chuck Klingbell (keyboards), Ralph Gonzales (drums), Jose Jimenez (congas), Corliss Nelson [Corliss] (violin), Roger Jannotta (flute), Rich Oppenheim (flute, saxophone), Robert Seely (trumpet), Richard Davies (trombone), Janis Russell (vocals)


  • “The Battle Is Over” / “Take Time to Love Me” (1973)
  • Shades of Brown (1976)

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