The Jazz Passengers

The Jazz Passengers were an American avant-jazz band from NYC that released a pair of albums on Les Disques du Crépuscule in 1987/88, followed by Implement Yourself on New World Records/CounterCurrents in 1990. During the subsequent seven-year period, the band released two albums apiece on the Knitting Factory, High Street, and 32 labels, including two discs with Blondie-frontwoman Debbie Harry.

Members: Roy Nathanson (saxophone), Curtis Fowlkes (trombone), Bill Ware (vibraphone), E. J. Rodriguez (percussion), Brad Jones (bass), Jim Nolet (violin), Marc Ribot (guitar), Sam Bardfeld (violin)


  • Broken Night, Red Light [Roy Nathanson, Curtis Fowlkes, and the Jazz Passengers] (1987)
  • Deranged & Decomposed [Roy Nathanson, Curtis Fowlkes & The Jazz Passengers] (1988)
  • Implement Yourself (1990)
  • Live at the Knitting Factory (1991)
  • Plain Old Joe (1993)
  • In Love (live, 1994)
  • Individually Twisted (1997)
  • Featuring Deborah Harry: “Live” in Spain (1998)
  • Reunited (2010)
  • Still Life With Trouble (2017)

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