The Jazz Butcher

The Jazz Butcher was an English underground rock project led by songwriter Pat Fish. He used the name for his 1983 solo album In Bath of Bacon and formed a proper band for the 1984 release A Scandal in Bohemia, both on Glass Records. After the 1985–86 EPs Sex and Travel and Conspiracy, he released the 1986 studio album Distressed Gentlefolk as Jazz Butcher Conspiracy.

Members: Pat Fish [The Butcher] (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, saxophone, flute, xylophone), Max Eider (guitar, vocals, 1982-86, 1989), Owen Jones (drums, 1982, 1984-86, 1989), Rolo McGinty (bass, 1982-83), Alice Thompson (organ, 1982-83), Lionel Brando (drums, 1982), Kevin Haskins (drums, 1983), David J. (guitar, 1984-85, 1989), Felix Ray (bass, 1985-86), Alex Green (saxophone, 1986-91), Kizzy O’Callaghan (guitar, 1987-89), Laurence O’Keefe (bass, guitar, 1987-90), Paul Mulreany (drums, vocals, guitar, bass, 1987-90), Richard Formby (guitar, 1987, 1989-91)


The Jazz Butcher started in Oxford in 1982 when songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Pat Fish — real name Patrick Guy Sibley Huntrods (b. 1957, London) — re-connected with guitarist Max Eider, a friend from college. Their partnership dated to The Institution, a post-punk band that cut the 1979 single “Jane and Jon” (b/w “Stephanie”) on Industrial Accident.

The Institution featured bassist Rolo McGinty, who cut a subsequent single in The Innocents while Eider joined The Tonix (formerly The Sonic Tonix) for the 1981 single “Strangers” (b/w “Talk to Me”) on 109 Product.

Meanwhile, Fish recorded self-performed originals on an open-channel Amstrad 7090 cassette. As a solo act, he debuted the name Jazz Butcher (picked for comedic purposes) on February 20, 1982, at Oxford’s Merton College. His demos impressed David Barker, the founder of London indie Glass Records. The first large-scale show occurred on November 1 as an opening act for Bauhaus, whose drummer (David J) supported Pat’s efforts.

Fish cut the first Jazz Butcher album as a solo project with backing by Eider and Sonic Tonix guitarist John Silver, plus select help from McGinty (King Rolo) and Alice Thompson (Alice Suicide). After the followup single, McGinty and Alice formed Woodentops. Fish reconfigured The Jazz Butcher as a proper four-piece band with Eider, Tonix drummer Owen Jones, and a newly free David J.


  • In Bath of Bacon (1983)
  • A Scandal in Bohemia (1984)
  • Hamburg (live, 1985 • The Jazz Butcher and His Sikkorskis From Hell)
  • Sex and Travel (EP, 1985)
  • Conspiracy (EP, 1986 • The Jazz Butcher v Max Eider)
  • Distressed Gentlefolk (1986 • The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy)
  • Fishcotheque (1988)


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