The Graham Bond Organization

The Graham Bond Organization were an English R&B/beat combo that released two albums on Columbia in 1965. The members went on to high-profile gigs, achieving virtuoso status on their respective instruments.

Members: Graham Bond (organ, vocals), Ginger Baker (drums), Jack Bruce (bass), Dick Heckstall-Smith (saxophone), Jon Hiseman (drums, 1964), John McLaughlin (guitar, 1964)

The band is noted for its jazz-crossover pedigree. Guitarist John McLaughlin left GBO early to back Miles Davis, steering the bandleader toward electrified jazz during the late 1960s. Bassist Jack Bruce briefly joined Manfred Mann in 1966 before re-linking with drummer Ginger Baker in the power-trio Cream. Saxophonist Dick Heckstall-Smith and latter-day GBO drummer Jon Hiseman formed the brass-rock outfit Colosseum.

Post-Organization, Graham Bond cut solo albums and collaborated with Bruce’s lyrical partner Pete Brown (Battered Ornaments/Piblokto) on the 1972 release Two Heads Are Better Than One.


  • The Sound of ’65 (1965)
  • There’s a Bond Between Us (1965)


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