The Flowers

The Flowers were a Scottish post-punk band that released two singles on Bob Last’s Pop:Aural Music small-press in 1979/80. The first of those — “Confessions” / “After Dark” — was comped on the 1980 PVC release Mutant Pop 78/79 -> along with seminal cuts by The Human League, The Mekons, Gang of Four, 2.3, and Scars. The b-side was also included with another track, “Criminal Waste,” on the 1979 Fast release Earcom 1. Drummer Simon Best also did fleeting stints with Delta 5, the Fire Engines, and Restricted Code.

Members: Hl-Ray (vocals), Andy Copland (guitar), Fraser Sutherland (bass), Simon Best (drums)


  • “Confessions” / “[Life] After Dark” (1979)
  • “Ballad of Miss Demeanour” / “Food”/ “Tear Along” (1980)

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