The Flock

The Flock was an American psychedelic jazz-rock band from Chicago that released the 1969–70 Columbia albums The Flock and Dinosaur Swamps. Violinist Jerry Goodman joined the original Mahavishnu Orchestra lineup. In 1975, a revived Flock released Inside Out on Mercury.

Members: Fred Glickstein (guitar, vocals), Ron Karpman (drums, vocals), Jerry Smith (bass, vocals), Rick Canoff (saxophone, vocals, 1966-70), Rick Mann (guitar, vocals, 1966-68), Frank Posa (trumpet, 1967-70), Tom Webb (saxophone, flute, harmonica, vocals, 1967-70), Jerry Goodman (guitar, violin, vocals, 1968-70), James L. Hirsen (keyboards, vocals, 1973), Michael Zydowsky (violin, 1973)


The Flock originated as a garage-rock band, formed in 1965 by guitarist–singer Fred Glickstein and saxist–singer Rick Canoff. With second guitarist–singer Rick Mann, they cut three singles in 1966–67 for the Chicago indie Destination Records.

The Flock 

The Flock released their self-titled debut album in August 1969 on Columbia.

Dinosaur Swamps 

The Flock released their second album, Dinosaur Swamps, in September 1970 on Columbia.

Inside Out

The Flock released their third album, Inside Out, in 1975 on Mercury.


  • The Flock (1969)
  • Dinosaur Swamps (1970)
  • Inside Out (1975)
  • Heaven Bound – The Lost Album (archival, 2014)


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