The Flock

The Flock were an American jazz-rock/psych band from Chicago that released two albums on CBS/Columbia during 1969 and 1970.

Members: Fred Glickstein (guitar, vocals), Ron Karpman (drums, vocals), Jerry Smith (bass, vocals), Rick Canoff (saxophone, vocals, 1966-70), Rick Mann (guitar, vocals, 1966-68), Frank Posa (trumpet, 1967-70), Tom Webb (saxophone, flute, harmonica, vocals, 1967-70), Jerry Goodman (guitar, violin, vocals, 1968-70), James L. Hirsen (keyboards, vocals, 1973), Michael Zydowsky (violin, 1973)


  • The Flock (1969)
  • Dinosaur Swamps (1970)
  • Inside Out (1975)
  • Heaven Bound – The Lost Album (archival, 2014)

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