The Flaming Hands

The Flaming Hands were an Australian New Wave/synthpop band from Sydney that released three singles on Phantom Records circa 1980/81, followed by four singles on Big Time during the subsequent three-year period, culminating with a self-titled album in 1984.

Members: Julie Mostyn (vocals), Jeff Sullivan (guitar), Paul Bryant (saxophone, vocals), Michael Hiron (drums), Steve Harris (keyboards), Richard Allan (bass)

Album discography:

  • The Flaming Hands (1984)

Singles discography:

  • “I Belong to Nobody” / “The Stranger” (1980)
  • “Wake Up Screaming” / “Sweet Revenge” (1981)
  • “It’s Just That I Miss You” / “Go or Stay” (1982)
  • “Cast My Love” / “Kismet” (1983)
  • “The Edge” / “Sacrifice” (1984)
  • “Breakdown and Cry” / “Open Windows” (1984)
  • “Out of Our Hands” / “Wild Boy” (1985)

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