The Five Americans

The Five Americans were an American pop-rock band that released the 1965 album I See the Light on Hanna-Barbera Productions, followed by three 1967–69 albums on Abnak. They are best-known for the garage-rock nugget “I See the Light” and the jangly 1967 Billboard Top 5 hit “Western Union.”

Members: Mike Rabon (vocals), John Durrill (keyboards, 1964-68), Norman Ezell (guitar, harmonica, 1964-68), Jim Grant (bass), Jimmy Wright (drums), Bobby Rambo (guitar, 1968-69), Lenny Lee Goldsmith (vocals, keyboards, 1968-69)

The Five Americans formed in 1964 in Durant, Oklahoma.


  • I See the Light (1965)
  • Western Union – Sound of Love (1967)
  • Progressions (1967)
  • Now and Then (1969)


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