The Fatback Band

The Fatback Band were an American soul-funk band that released three albums on Perception Records between 1972 and 1974, followed by another trio of titles on Event Records during the mid-1970s. A 12-album run followed on Polydor-subsidiary Spring between 1976 and 1983.

Members: Bill Curtis (drums), George Williams (trumpet), Johnny King (guitar), Johnny Flippen (bass), Gerry Thomas (synthesizer), Earl Shelton (saxophone, 1970-?), George Adam (flute, 1970-?), Fred Demerey (saxophone, 1970-?), George Victory (guitar, 1970-?), Ed Jackson (saxophone, ?-present)

The Fatback Band formed in 1970 in Fayetteville, N.Y.

Let’s Do It Again

The Fatback Band released their debut album, Let’s Do It Again, in 1972 on Perception Records.

People Music

The Fatback Band released their second album, People Music, in 1973 on Perception Records.

Feel My Soul

The Fatback Band released their third album, Feel My Soul, in 1974 on Perception Records.

Keep on Steppin’

The Fatback Band released their fourth album, Keep on Steppin’, in 1974 on Event Records (EV-6902).

Yum Yum

The Fatback Band released their fifth album, Yum Yum, on August 9, 1975, Event Records (EV-6904).

Raising Hell

The Fatback Band released their sixth album, Raising Hell, in late 1975 on Event Records (EV-6905).

Night Fever

The Fatback Band released their seventh album, Night Fever, in 1976 on Spring Records.

NYCNYUSA (Nĭk-Nē-Yōō-Sä)

The Fatback Band released their eighth album, NYCNYUSA (Nĭk-Nē-Yōō-Sä), in 1977 on Spring Records (2391 265). Fatback dropped “Band” from their name after this release.

Man With the Band

Fatback released their ninth album, Man With the Band, in late 1977 on Spring Records (2391 314).

Fired Up ‘n’ Kickin’

Fatback released their tenth album, Fired Up ‘n’ Kickin’, in 1978 on Spring Records.

Brite Lites, Big City

Fatback released their eleventh album, Brite Lites, Big City, in 1979 on Spring Records.


Fatback released their twelfth album, XII, in 1979 on Spring Records.

Hot Box

Fatback released their thirteenth album, Hot Box, in March 1980 on Spring Records.

14 Karat

Fatback released their fourteenth album, 14 Karat, in 1980 on Spring Records.

Tasty Jam

Fatback released their fifteenth album, Tasty Jam, in 1981 on Spring Records (SP 1 6731).


Fatback released their sixteenth album, Gigolo, in 1981 on Spring Records (SP-1-6734).

On the Floor

Fatback released their seventeenth album, On the Floor, in 1982 on Spring Records.

Is This the Future?

Fatback released their eighteenth album, Is This the Future?, in 1983 on Spring Records (SP-1-6738).

With Love

Fatback released their nineteenth album, With Love, in 1983 on Spring Records (SPR-33-6741).


Fatback released their twentieth album, Phoenix, in June 1984 on Cotillion.

So Delicious

Fatback released their twenty-first album, So Delicious, in 1985 on Cotillion.

Tonite’s an All-Nite Party

Fatback released their twenty-second album, Tonite’s an All-Nite Party, in 1987 on Start and XYZ Records.


In 1987, Fatback concluded their original run with Live, released on Start and XYZ Records.


  • Let’s Do It Again (1972)
  • People Music (1973)
  • Feel My Soul (1974)
  • Keep on Steppin’ (1974)
  • Raising Hell (1975)
  • Yum Yum (1975)
  • Night Fever (1976)
  • Man With the Band (1977)
  • NYCNYUSA (1977)
  • Fired Up ‘n’ Kickin’ (1978)
  • Brite Lites, Big City (1979)
  • XII (1979)
  • 14 Karat (1980)
  • Hot Box (1980)
  • Gigolo (1981)
  • Tasty Jam (1981)
  • On the Floor (1982)
  • Is This the Future? (1983)
  • With Love (1983)
  • Phoenix (1984)
  • So Delicious (1985)
  • Wicky Wacky (1985)
  • Tonite’s an All-Nite Party (1988)


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