The Enid

The Enid were an English symphonic-rock band from Tenterden, Kent, that released the album In the Region of the Summer Stars on Buk Records in 1976, followed by Aerie Faerie Nonsense on EMI International in 1977. A pair of titles appeared on Pye in 1979, after which the band issued numerous albums on their eponymous self-press during the 1980s, followed by another round on their own Mantella imprint in the 1990s. The band was assembled by composer/conductor/keyboardist Robert John Godfrey, who guided orchestration on the first two albums by Barclay James Harvest circa 1970/71 and released a solo album, Fall of Hyperion, on Charisma in 1974. 

Members: Robert John Godfrey (keyboards, vocals, 1974-2016), Stephen Stewart (guitar, vocals, 1974-88), Francis Lickerish (guitar, 1974-80), Dave Storey (drums, 1974-76, 1978-88, 1997), David Williams (bass, 1974), Dave Hancock (trumpet, 1974-77, 1984), Neil Kavanagh (bass, 1974-76), Glen Tollet (keyboards, 1974-76), Terry Pack (bass, 1975-79), Nick Magnus (keyboards, 1975-76), Charlie Elston (keyboards, 1976), Jeremy Tranter (bass, 1976), Willie Gilmour (keyboards, 1976-80), Robbie Dobson (drums, 1976, 1980), Martin Russell (bass, 1979-82), Chris North (drums, 1980-82), Nick May (guitar)


  • In the Region of the Summer Stars (1976)
  • Aerie Faerie Nonsense (1977)
  • Touch Me (1979)
  • Six Pieces (1980)
  • Aerie Faerie Nonsense (1983)
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983)
  • In the Region of the Summer Stars (1984)
  • The Spell (1984)
  • Fand (1985)
  • The Stand (1985)
  • Salome (1986)

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