The End

The End were an English pop-psych band from Surrey that released six 1965–68 singles on Philips, Sonoplay, and Sonet, followed by the album Introspection on Decca/London in 1969. The band was produced and managed by Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman and briefly masqueraded under the names Polos Opuestos and Timothy Grass. In late 1969, The End’s final lineup morphed into hard-rockers Tucky Buzzard, which issued five albums between 1970 and 1973.

Members: Dave Brown (bass, vocals), Nicky Graham (keyboards, vocals), Colin Giffin (guitar, lead vocals, 1965-68), Roger Groome (drums, 1965), Hugh Attwooll (drums, 1965-68), John Horton (saxophone, 1965-?), Gordon Smith (saxophone, 1966-67), Terry Taylor (guitar, 1967-70), Paul Francis (drums, 1968-70), Jimmy Henderson (vocals, 1968-70)


  • Introspection (1969)

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