The Electric Prunes

The Electric Prunes were an American garage-rock band that released five 1967–69 albums on Reprise Records. They are best known for their 1967 Billboard hit “I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night),” a much-comped psychedelic nugget.

Members: James Lowe (vocals, guitar, 1965-68), Ken Williams (lead guitar, 1965-68), Mark Tulin (bass, keyboards, 1965-68), Mike Weakley (drums, 1965-66, 1967), Preston Ritter (drums, 1966-67), James “Weasel” Spagnola (rhythm guitar, 1966-67), Joe Dooley (drums, 1968), Mike Gannon (rhythm guitar, 1967-68), Kenny Loggins (guitar, 1968), Jeromy Stuart (keyboards, 1968), John Herron (organ, 1968-70), Brett Wade (bass, flute, vocals, 1968-70), Mark Kincaid (guitar, vocals, 1968-70), Dick Whetstone (vocals, guitar, 1968-70), Ron Morgan (organ, 1969-70)

The Electric Prunes formed in 1965 in Los Angeles.


  • The Electric Prunes (1967)
  • Underground (1967)
  • Mass in F Minor (1967)
  • Release of an Oath (1968)
  • Just Good Old Rock and Roll (1969)


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