The Elastik Band

The Elastik Band was an American garage-rock band that released four 1967–69 singles, including the proto-punk classic “Spazz.”

Members: David Cortopassi (guitar, vocals, vibraphone), Scott Williams (guitar, bass, vocals), Rusty Kierig (bass, vocals), Russel Kerger (keyboards, vocals), Vince Silvera (drums, vocals)

The Elastik Band formed as This Side Up in 1966 in Belmont, California.


  • “Lose Yourself” / “Turn Your Head” (1966)
  • “Got a Better Reason Now” / “Mixed Emotions” (1967)
  • “Spazz” / “Paper Mache” (1967)
  • “I Would Still Love You” / “In a Family Tree” (1968)
  • “Tunesmith” / “In a Family Tree” (1969)


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