The Ebonys

The Ebonys were an American soul group from Camden, NJ, that released a string of singles on PIR between 1971 and 1974, culminating with a self-titled album. A further pair of singles and a second album followed on Buddah in 1976.

Members: Clarence Vaughan, James Tuten, Jennifer Holmes, David Beasley, William “Smoke” Howard, Nate Cephas, McKensey Crawford, Lorna Dixon

The Ebonys was released in 1973 on PIR with the phonographic copyright of CBS Inc. It begins with the Gamble/Huff composition “Hook Up and Get Down,” which features arrangements by Lenny Pakula (Nancy Wilson, Billy Paul, The O’Jays, The Three Degrees). The side also includes the lengthy “It’s Forever” (arrangements: Bobby Martin) and “Life In the Country,” the latter written and produced by the team of Phil Terry, TJ Conway, and T. Life. Side two is book-ended with the Thom Bell-arranged “I’m So Glad I’m Me” and “You’re the Reason Why.” Also included is the Pakula-arranged “I’ll Try,” written by Huff, McFadden and Whitehead. The recording was overseen by Gamble and Huff at Sigma Sound Studios with backing by MFSB.

Album dscography:

  • The Ebonys (1973)
  • Sing About Life (1976)

Singles discography:

  • “Don’t Knock Me” / “Can’t Get Enough” (1969)
  • “(Christmas Ain’t Christmas, New Year’s Ain’t New Year’s) Without the One You Love” (1971)
  • “Determination” / “Do It” (1971)
  • “You’re the Reason Why” / “Sexy Ways” (1971)
  • “I’m So Glad I’m Me” / “Do You Like the Way I Love” (1972)
  • “It’s Forever” / “Sexy Ways” (1973)
  • “Life in the Country” / “Life in the Country” (1973)
  • “Hook Up and Get Down” / “You’re the Reason Why” (1974)
  • “I Believe” / “Nation Time” (1974)
  • “Makin’ Love Ain’t No Fun (Without the One You Love) (Part I & II)” (1976)
  • “Neighbourhood Gossip” / “Laughter” (1976)


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