The Durutti Column

The Durutti Column were an English ethereal-pop/classical band from Manchester that released nine albums and assorted EPs on Factory between 1980 and 1990. The band was essentially a vehicle for musician/composer Vini Reilly, whose talents are also heard on mid-’80s releases by Anne Clark, Richard Jobson, and Quando Quango.

Members: Vini Reilly (guitar, piano, vocals), David Rowbotham (guitar, 1978), Chris Joyce (drums, 1978), Tony Bowers (bass, 1978), Phil Rainford (vocals, 1978), Colin Sharp (vocals, 1978), Martin Hannett (synthesizer, 1979), Donald Johnson (drums, 1980), Bruce Mitchell (drums, 1980-present), Tim Kellett (trumpet, 1984-86), John Metcalfe (viola, 1985-87)


  • The Return of The Durutti Column (1980)
  • LC (1981)
  • Deux Triangles (EP, 1982)
  • Another Setting (1983)
  • Amigos em Portugal (1983 • Durutti Column)
  • Without Mercy (1984)
  • Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say (EP, 1985)
  • Greetings Three (EP, 1986)
  • Circuses and Bread (1986)
  • The Guitar and Other Machines (1987)
  • Vini Reilly (1989)

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